Warrior Dynasty HD3 Hockey Shoulder Pads Jr.

Model/varenr.: HD3SPJr

The Warrior Dynasty HD3 Hockey Shoulder Pads are the most affordable pads in the new Dynasty lineup. With a segmented medium-density foam base, the shoulder pads offer a comprehensive and protective wrap. Additionally, Warrior's Wartech FnC liner accelerates the evaporation process as well as providing an odor-free comfortable fit.

The shoulder caps are constructed of a hard molded plastic topped with thick medium-density foams for two-way protection on the rink. The HD3's bicep guard features the same construction, but attaches to the shoulder cap via a velcro strap so it is both adjustable and removable. In front, Warrior uses a high-density floating sternum guard to provide a high level of protection without sacrificing mobility. The same high-density foams are used in the spine protector on the back of the pads. Fit-wise, the HD3's feature a two-way strapping system that allows for a customized fit. 

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