Mission Inhaler NLS4 Roller Hockey Skates Jr

Model/varenr.: NLS4RSJR
Du sparer: 900,00DKK
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 It was built with a very anatomical shape so that the skate closely hugs the foot from top to bottom, front to back, which eliminates negative space. This not only improves energy transfer, it also provides players with a more comfortable and natural fit. 

The NLS4's quarter package is also fully thermoformable, so they can be baked to help reduce break-in time and so that players can get a custom fit and feel. The traditionally thick two-piece, white felt tongue provides ample protection from lace-bite and any other impacts that may occur during play. 

The lowers consist of Mission's exclusive Hi-Lo chassis and its aggressive forward pitch that is built for pure power and excellent agility. It's aluminum and one-piece construction is far superior to that of the rest of the line in terms of performance and durability. The Hi-Lo chassis holds Hi-Lo Clinger XXX indoor wheels and Abec 7 bearings that for the speed, grip and glide players are after.

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