Bauer Reactor 9000 Pro Goalie Hockey Pants Sr

Model/varenr.: REA9000GHPA


The new 37.5™ technology in the liner is a game changing addition that shows Bauer's commitment to innovation and excellence.

The Reactor 9000 goal pant features a more traditional thigh guard shape that gives superior mobility. Floating front flex hip panels offer additional protection without restricting movement. The abdominal pad is reinforced with HD foam and has a more contoured shape, which ensures that protection stays put while moving. The HD foam spine protection is molded to the back and is flexible to allow for full mobility. The telescope knee construction adds an extra floating layer of upper knee/thigh protection, and has a velcro strap to attach additional knee guards to.

The liner on the Reactor 9000 pant is constructed with the revolutionary 37.5™ technology. This highly advanced moisture dispersing material is able to evaporate sweat almost three times faster than the competition. Quick evaporation is extremely important to help reduce fatigue from being weighed down by water buildup that happens throughout the course of a game. The material is also very breathable, which allows the air to flow through and cool the goaltender down.

The Reactor 9000 comes with Jenpro leather reinforcement in the high wear area above the goal pad which helps further extend the life of the pant. The inner belt on the goal pant is removable, allowing the goaltender to customize the fit based on personal preference.

The Bauer Reactor 9000 goal pant is a brand new offering in the Reactor goalie series, and with some great new features, it's a welcome addition.

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