Bauer Supreme S170 Goalie Catchers Jr

Model/varenr.: S170GCJR


The Supreme S170 catcher has a one piece cuff design, making it the preferred choice for butterfly goaltenders looking to maximize coverage and ensure predictable rebounds. The palm on the S170 is lined with a soft nash material, and has received reinforcements in the high impact areas to help reduce stingers.

The Supreme S170 has a deep Single-T pocket that is designed to decrease the chance of the puck hitting the pocket and bouncing out. There are three straps on the backhand that provide easy and efficient customization for the wrist and fingers.

The S170 catcher has a game ready construction, meaning the break-in time has been reduced significantly.

The Bauer Supreme S170 catcher has a light weight design and solid protection, making this a smart purchase for any serious junior age goaltender. 

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