Warrior Ritual G3 Pro Goalie Blockers Int

Model/varenr.: G3INTGB
Du sparer: 350,00DKK

With a great construction and the extremely popular removable palm feature, this is truly a professional level blocker in every way.

The Ritual G3 blocker retains the innovative removable palm feature that was so popular on the previous Ritual series. This allows the goaltender to change the size of the palm so larger or smaller hands are can be accommodated, resulting in maximum performance. The removable palm feature is also excellent for drying the blocker after use to prevent the palm from becoming crusty. Securing the fit around the wrist is a leather velcro strap on the palm, which can be moved up or down and attached to the velcro tabs for even more customization.

The Ritual G3 blocker uses a bindingless construction and high quality synthetic leather material that maximizes blocking surface and provides good durability. The side panel on the G3 blocker has been enhanced to help maximize coverage and protection without limiting movement. The thumb and finger protection consists of large, contoured high density foam to provide a complete wrap around. 

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