Bauer Profile 940X Designs Certified Goalie Masks Jr

Model/varenr.: 940XGMJR


The Profile 940X's interior consists of soft VN foams that provide good comfort to the cheek area. The liner is mechanically attached meaning you can remove the padding and screws giving you the ability to clean, replace, or have the mask painted. Ventilation holes have been installed throughout the helmet allowing the mask to breathe, keeping the goalie cool. 

The 940X has a very durable stainless steel cage that resists rust to help increase longevity.

Adjustment features include a nylon chin strap that secures the front of the helmet under the chin. A molded chin cup has been included, giving the goalie the ability to adjust how the mask fits the face. The majority of the fit comes from the 5 point harness adjustable backplate straps. The elastic straps can be adjusted to fit just about any head shape ensuring a comfortable safe fit.

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