Green Biscuit Snipe Training Hockey Puck

Model/varenr.: GRBSNP


The Green Biscuit Snipe Training Hockey Puck is an off-ice training hockey puck that helps develop exceptional shooting skills. The Green Biscuit Snipe Puck weighs 148 gr. in comparison to the original green biscuit weighing in at 130 gr. Therefore, the added weight provides a more realistic shot feel.

The Green Biscuit Snipe Puck is able to endure high amounts of impact compared to the original plastic material, which means less chipping against posts and sides boards. The material is comprised of a rubber component making it more reliable when performing an array of shot types.

The Green Biscuit Snipe Training Hockey Puck is primarily a shooting puck and not meant for passing and stick handling.  Due to the rubber component of the puck the puck doesn't slide as effortlessly as the original Green Biscuit Training puck on the super rough surfaces like asphalt streets.  The Snipe performs just fine on the smoother concrete surfaces like driveways, tennis courts, basements, etc.


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