CCM Tacks 9080 Ishockeyhandsker Junior

Modell: 9080HGJR
Du sparar: 603.00SEK

Vi skickar alla paket med track & trace, så att det alltid kan spåras.
Leverans är vanligtvis 2-3 arbetsdagar, dock kan längre leveranstid förekomma om du har beställt en vara från vårt fjärrlager.

Reservation tas för slutsålda varor, tryckfel och lagerhanteringsfel.

The 9080's feature D30 LITE, one of the most protective foams on the market that offers rate-sensitive impact protection. Flexible in its natural state, D30 LITE hardens upon impact energy to absorb and dissipate it before reaching the hand. The D30 is sandwiched between a lightweight PE Foam base and hard plastic inserts that come together to offer players some of the most affordable pro-level protection today. The finger block, cuff roll, and cuff utilize dual-density foams and plastic inserts to maintain slash protection for the whole hand and wrist.

The 9080's feature the same new Flex Cuff that the AS1's received; to increase wrist mobility in all aspects of the game but most importantly keep the protection where it needs to be. CCM achieved this by adding an extra segmented piece that moves independently from the rest of the cuff. Unlike any other overlay on the market, Kevlar reinforces the 9080 palm to offer players the best resistance to premature wear and tear. This year, CCM slightly re-designed the segmentation to the backhand to pair even better with the stretch finger gussets, three-piece index finger, and pro-flex thumb.

The fingers also include new air holes to keep the fingers dry during the game and reduce the gloves drying time after the game. The 9080's now feature CCM's premium, laminated liner covering the entire inside to give players top-of-the-line moisture and odor management. The liner has been treated with Polygiene to prevent odor causing bacteria from forming. 

 Mål fra toppen af mellemfingeren til starten af håndleddet. Vi anbefaler at du går med den størrelse som ligger mellem.

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Størrelse i cm: 

8" (10.5 - 13)

9" (11.5 - 14) 

10" (13 - 15.5)

11" (14 - 16.5)

12" (15.5 - 18) 

13" (16.5 - 19)

14" (18 - 20.5)

15" (19 - 22)

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