Frontier 9985G Carbon Målmandsstav Sr

Modell: 9985CBGSSR
26" 27"
  • NH PRO

Vi skickar alla paket med track & trace, så att det alltid kan spåras.
Leverans är vanligtvis 2-3 arbetsdagar, dock kan längre leveranstid förekomma om du har beställt en vara från vårt fjärrlager.

Reservation tas för slutsålda varor, tryckfel och lagerhanteringsfel.

Due to this improvement the model "9985G Carbon" has extra stiff blade which makes it a great choice for PRO goalies who like to actively play the puck and who are looking for perfection in rebound control features.

  • Reinforcing carbon fiberglass laminate runs throughout the stick – from shaft to heel to give the whole stick extra resistance, stability and stiffness.
  • Thin paddle shape for keeping the overall weight down and enabling the goalie a better control and puck handling.
  • Excellent vibration dampening features due to optimally balanced consistence of PU foam used in the paddle.
  • Optimal stiffness from heel to toe
  • Fully texalium covered blade together with the carbon fabric reinforcement added gives the blade additional amount of stiffness for better rebound features.
  • Vibration is minimized by optimally balanced consistence of PU foam.
  • Thin shape of the blade enables better puck control.
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