Bauer Nexus N9000 Hockey Elbow Pads Sr

Model/varenr.: NXSN9000EPSR
Du sparer: 150,00DKK


The Bauer Nexus N9000 Hockey Elbow Pads feature an asymmetrical elbow cap shape to fit the natural shape of each arm. The injected PE elbow cap also provides solid coverage to both the elbow cap and forearm as well. Extending out of the forearm, Bauer uses a molded high density foam guard reinforced with a plastic insert for high-level slash protection across the top of the forearm. 

The Bauer N9000 elbow pads utilize a 2-piece design with a floating bicep guard that connects by a single elastic strap at the top of the elbow cap, providing a very flexible and mobile fit. That bicep guard has a wide medium-density foam construction with a molded plastic base for solid, wrapping protection, including an extensive dome cap to cover the side of the elbow joint. Bauer also added an extra protective pad across the elastic bicep strap for even greater coverage. 

The interior features a Thermo-Max liner with superior comfort and moisture wicking technology. The Nexus N9000 elbows also feature an elbow donut to lock the pad in place and provide a secure, protective fit. 

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