Bauer Vapor 1X Hockey Elbow Pads Sr

Model/varenr.: 1048104
Du sparer: 500,00DKK


The Bauer Vapor 1X Elbow Pads features the best technology available to keep players light and mobile. The forearm guard features Curv® composite, seen in the top end Bauer Vapor skates, which gives elite level protection and extremely lightweight performance. The Curv® composite is complemented by Bauer's Aerolite™ technology which has the same impact protection as high density foam but in a lighter design.

The 1X elbow pads also utilizes the the flexible Aerolite™ in the bicep guard reinforced by a PE insert. This bicep guard has a free flex design that gives the elbow pad a very mobile design that moves while the player moves, giving them great flexibility and protective coverage. 

The interior of the elbow pad features an internal elbow donut that comfortably locks in the elbow while ensuring that the pad stays in place. This elbow joint is constructed of transfer mesh which vents the air through the material to speed up the drying process and enhancing the 37.5™ technology found in the rest of the elbow pad liner. 37.5™ technology uses the players body heat to quickly evaporate sweat and moisture 5x faster than other high-performance fabrics. Additionally, it gives an exceptional level of comfort for all hockey players.

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