Bauer Vapor X900 LITE Albuebeskytter Senior

Model/varenr.: X900LITEEPSR
Du sparer: 100,00DKK
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Bauer used HyperLite and HyperLite HD foam through the bicep and forearm guards that help make this one of the lightest elbow pads on the market. While HyperLite is very protective, its unique properties prevent water absorption too. 

While the X900 Lite is still considered a two-piece elbow pad, Bauer built in an extra flex segment between the forearm and the elbow cap. This works with the elastically-attached bicep guard to provide excellent mobility that keeps protection where it needs to be. 

The Thermo Max Liner offers great out-of-the-box comfort and helps to wick away moisture during intense use. This year, Bauer used Sanitized technology directly embedded into the fabric that prevents odor-causing bacteria from forming. The thorough treatment process ensures the Sanitized technology never washes away either. 

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