Bauer Vapor 1X Hockey Shin Guards Sr

Model/varenr.: 1048112
Du sparer: 600,00DKK
14" 15" 16"


The Bauer Vapor 1X Shin Guards are the flagship shin guard in the Bauer Vapor lineup, featuring the best technology that Bauer has to offer. While it uses the standard injection molded knee cap, the 1X shin cap is the first to showcase Curv® composite technology. 

The Curv® composite shell is ultra lightweight and yet one of the lightest materials available, enhancing the overall protection while reducing weight. Curv® composite is also the same material seen in the top end Bauer 1X hockey skates for extremely lightweight stiffness and support. To enhance the mobility of the player, the 1X also uses the Free Flex cap at the base of the shin guard. The Free Flex cap flexes with the player's skating stride to provide overlapping coverage while giving the best mobility. 

Bauer uses thick Aerolite™ foam for extremely lightweight, elite level protection in the knee wing, calf guard, and adjustable thigh extension. Aerolite™ is a high density foam that manages to be 30% lighter than other HD foams with the same protective properties. To provide the best possible protection against pucks and slashes, a PE (plastic) insert reinforces the calf guard. 

The interior of the shin guard is infused with 37.5™ technology, which uses the body heat of the player to accelerate the evaporation process. The result is a lighter weight material, not retaining weight from sweat, that comfortably controls the climate inside the pad. Inside the knee donut that locks in the knee, the 37.5™ technology is enhanced by transfer mesh that provides greater airflow and a cushioned fit. To top it all off, the liner can be removed to throw in the wash or hang up to dry.  

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