Bauer Vapor APX2 Ice Hockey Pant Sr

Model/varenr.: APX2HPSr
Du sparer: 900,00DKK


The Bauer Vapor APX2 Ice Hockey Pant is the flagship model in the Vapor line. The Vapor line of ice hockey pants has a tapered fit which incorporates a snug fit in the waist that opens up in the legs for a traditional feel that we see in the Nexus line. The APX2 pants incorporated high-end features like Bauer's Aerolite™ technology and 37.5™ technology.

The Bauer APX2 pant features a variety of high-quality materials to provide a professional level of protection, breathability, and fit. Bauer introduced their new Aerolite™ technology into the spine guard to beef up the protection of this pad. Aerolite™ is a high density foam that is 30% lighter than other HD foams and doesn't absorb water. The kidney guard is also molded to form around the player's waist, providing a closer fit that protects the player better. The hip, kidney, and thigh guard are all outfitted with HD foams for some of the best protection Bauer has to offer.

The exterior of the pant is outfitted with a 840-denier nylon that has pro-level abrasion resistance as well as great breathability. The interior liner introduces Bauer's 37.5™ technology, which uses the player's body heat to evaporate moisture as well as release heat so that you can use less energy cooling down and put more into your game. These pants also feature an adjustable extension fit of up to 1" for taller players. Just unzip the 2-piece pant, drop it down to the lower zipper around the waist, and zip it back up for a taller fit.

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