True A2.2 SBP Grip Hockey Sticks Sr

Model/varenr.: A2.2HSTSR
Du sparer: 150,00DKK
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The A2.2 SBP stick not only debuts True's new BRT Technology in the blade, it is also constructed with their signature SmartPly carbon fiber and the Axenic true-one piece construction process. 

SmartPly Technology is a process of layering uni-directional carbon fiber so that it optimizes strength and responsiveness. Combined with the Axenic true-one construction process, the A2.2 SBP offer a surprisingly balanced feel matched with high-end pop. The new Braided Rib Technology (BRT) found in the blade makes it 50% stronger than the previous A2.2, ensuring the great puck feel in the blade will last. 

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