Warrior Covert QR1 Grip Hockey Stick Sr.

Model/varenr.: QR1GSr
Du sparer: 1.900,00DKK


The Warrior Covert QR1 Hockey Stick is the premier model in the QR Line. After in-depth research with a leading University, Warrior was able to engineer this QR1 to have their Quickest Shot Release ever. Not only does the Covert QR1 Stick release faster, Warrior significantly increased durability while lowering the weight to around 400 grams.

With new testing procedures, Warrior was able to fine tune the QR1's Dagger T2 Taper to take an industry quickest 76mS (milliseconds) to load and release. Comparatively speaking, the DT1's release was 82mS and the DT1LT's was 81mS. Also assisting in a speedy load and release is the True1 Construction process that makes the stick's flex profile extremely consistent and responsive, while keeping the overall weight to a minimum. 

New for 2014 is the Etched 7-Microns Carbon Fibers that are permanently bonded together, providing a tighter weave for maximum strength. 

Warrior Covert QR1 Grip Hockey Stick *NEW*

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