Bauer Vapor X900 Hockey Shoulder Pads Sr

Model/varenr.: 1048122
Du sparer: 450,00DKK
Medium X Large


The Bauer Vapor X900 Hockey Shoulder Pads share a lot of similarities with last year's flagship APX2 shoulder pads including the use of the advanced Aerolite™. Aerolite foam technology is 30% lighter than other high density foams with the same amount of protection, so the Bauer X900 shoulder pads are designed with lightweight protection as a focus. 

The X900 shoulders use Aerolite™ foam in the base layer, including extensions to protect the sides and kidneys from impacts. Additionally. the Aerolite™ is layered to make an extremely lightweight yet highly protective shoulder cap that is very comfortable wear. A nylon velcro strap extends beneath the shoulder cap and attaches to the 2-piece Free Flex bicep guard that uses more Aerolite™ and medium density foams to allow players to move their arms freely with great protection. 

The Vapor X900 shoulder pad uses Bauer's Free Flex technology to maximize the mobility of the pad. Its HD foam and Aerolite sternum guard uses a 4-way flex zone that keeps the chest protection in place without sacrificing flexibility. This extends over the top of the collar with the HD foam Free Flex Arch that slides upward with shoulder cap movements. Finally, the back utilizes segments of HD foam and Aerolite™ to protect the spine and allow the player to flex forward and back.

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