True Dynamic 9 MIPS Hockey Helmet

Model/Artikelnr.: DYNAMIC9HH
Rot Schwartz Weiss Royal Blau
Small Medium Large

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OBS. Cage must be bought seperately. All our cages fit the TRUE helmet. 

Brought over from the cycling and snowboarding industries, MIPS offers much more comprehensive protection from a broader range of impacts that happen frequently in hockey. 

When a player takes a hit from the side, a traditional helmet has nowhere to redirect the impact energy and results in the helmet whipping the head around. The MIPS unique inner layer allows the external shell to independently move 10-15mm and acts as an outlet for the impact energy to be redirected away from the head. The ability of MIPS to handle these angled impacts is even more effective considering the fact True was able to significantly reduce the weight through its one-piece unibody construction. 

Unlike anything else on the market, the Dynamic 9 helmet features a one-piece shell with a fused EPP foam liner. Aside from weight reduction, this unique design reduces any gaps in protection since the foam fills every crevice unlike traditionally built helmets that have internal pockets lacking any foam. For premium comfort, memory-foam like Absorb Foam and the adjustable plush Fit Foam Pads rest on top of the MIPS liner and feel great right out of the box. The Fit Pads are a great addition to this helmet too since it allows players to dial in the perfect fit for their individual head shape. 

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