Clean Drink

Clean Drink wants it to be easy for you to live a healthy life. We believe that health should permeate life in general and that it should be easy for you to make good choices. Since 2015, Clean Drink has offered a vegan alternative that is produced exclusively in the Nordic countries and free of unnecessary additives and sugar.

Clean Drink wants to be the most sustainable functional drink on the market. This not only means that the product must be clean and healthy for you to consume, but also that as a company they are constantly striving to reduce their carbon footprint. That is why, among other things, they choose to produce their Clean Drinks in the Nordics at a brewery with completely fossil-free production. Only electric cars are chosen within the company and domestic flights are excluded in favor of trains or cars.

Clean Drink is 100% free of preservatives, taurine, sugar and colourings. The name of their drink speaks for itself - a clean drink. The aim is to be the purest functional drink on the market with high quality of all ingredients. You can be sure that Clean Drink is free of preservatives, taurine, sugar and colourings. Clean Drink is brewed from water from one of the world's best freshwater sources according to UNESCO and contains BCAAs, caffeine as well as vitamins and minerals.