On this page you can find our huge assortment of floorball sticks and equipment! We have both floorball sticks and balls in different models and variants. All our equipment for the sport is carefully selected in terms of quality and technique, so you as a player get the best chances to perform on the field. It is therefore only about quality materials and the products are durable and in smart designs.

  • Floorball Ball


    Floorball Ball

    15,00 €

  • Salming Tourlite Q1 Floorball Stick


    Salming Tourlite Q1 Floorball Stick

    499,00 €

    Available in multiple variants
  • salming q2 mid florrball stick junior


    salming q2 mid florrball stick junior

    329,00 €

    Available in multiple variants
  • Salming Raven Powerlite TipCurve 2 Gr 27 Floorball Stick


    Salming Raven Powerlite TipCurve 2 Gr 27 Floorball Stick

    599,00 €

    Available in multiple variants
  • Salming Raven Powerlite Aero 29 Floorball Stick


    Salming Raven Powerlite Aero 29 Floorball Stick

    649,00 €

    Available in multiple variants

Floorball and quality equipment

In our selection of equipment for floorball, you will find products at reasonable prices, and we can also promise a fast and cheap delivery. If you are missing some good equipment for floorball, or if you are just dreaming of upgrading your current gear, we can highly recommend that you take a look at the selection above. This is because there is plenty of opportunity to make a good deal! If you have any questions about our floorball equipment, we are always happy to hear from you.

ReXhockey has one of Europe's largest selection of ice hockey equipment as well as floorball equipment and we are specialists in the field. We occupy the first place as the best hockey store in the whole of the Nordic region and we are of course experts in the field.

Everything in floorball sticks and floorball equipment

Are you in need of floorball equipment? Here you can find the best of Salming's floorball sticks. The sticks are available in different materials, length and hardness, so there is definitely one that suits you. Salming's blades are known to be multifunctional, perfect for the assistant and technical player, but at the same time they are known for their fantastic designs for all kinds of shots. 

Salming's sticks and baldes are used by some of the world's best players and there's a reason for that - they's simply superb sticks and blades. If you need floorball balls to test your new equipment, then we have it too.

See, among other things, our large selection of roller skates, shoulder pads and beginner sets. ReXhockey carries one of Europe's largest selection of equipment and you are always guaranteed proper quality and fast delivery.

How to choose the right floorball equipment

All floorball players know that a good floorball stick is indispensable - of course it is also indispensable with a floorball ball.

It is important to choose the right stick to suit the individual player and their position, but also whether they are right- or left-handed. There are both right- and left-handed floorball sticks.

If you feel it is natural to have the floorball ball on the right side when you carry it forward, you should choose a right-handed stick. The same is true if you prefer to have the left hand at the top, so that it is the right hand that controls the floorball stick. If the opposite is the case - that is, you prefer to carry the ball on the left side or have your right hand at the top when holding the stick - then you should choose a left-handed stick instead.

The length of the stick is also crucial for both good play and healthy ergonomics. The stick should be the same length as it is from the floor and up to your navel. Be aware that this measure is without the blade of the rod, so this must be deducted when measuring. Thus, if you are standing with a full floorball stick including blade, the stick should preferably go 10-15 cm above your navel.

Floorball is for everyone

At ReXhockey, you will find the Nordic region's largest selection of equipment for hockey - and floorball is of course no exception.

Floorball started as a summer training for ice hockey players, but has since gained a large following, especially in the USA and now also in Denmark, Sweden and the rest of the Nordic countries. The game has changed from the classic and familiar rules of ice hockey, to having its own rules.

Floorball consists of 2 teams with 5 field players and a goalkeeper on each team. The floorball stick is a further development of the ice hockey stick, while the puck has been replaced with a floorball ball, which you will of course also find among our wide selection of floorball equipment.

Unlike ice hockey, you do not need a lot of protective equipment and skates to play floorball. However, in the case of floorball at a higher or professional level, good protective equipment may be necessary. Especially to the goalkeepers as they are most vulnerable. Likewise, it may be a good idea to have floorball goggles or goggles for all players.

ReXhockey provides floorball equipment to everyone, no matter what level you are at. Do you need help or do you have questions about floorball and our equipment in the range? So do not hesitate to contact us, we are ready to help you and guide you through the products, so you end up with the right floorball equipment that suits your level.

We can be contacted on tel. +45 4461 1033 or email info@rexhockey.com. We look forward to helping you get the game started.