Hockey Goalie Bags

All goalies need to transport their equipment to and from practice. This requires a bag that is practical and at the same time ensures that your equipment does not get damaged. And that's exactly what our selection of goalie bags does and more!

Explore our selection of goalie bags, and make transporting your equipment easier.

  • Bauer Premium Goalie Wheel Bag

    Bauer Hockey

    Bauer Premium Goalie Wheel Bag

    1.299,00 €

  • CCM Pro Goalie Wheel Bag Senior

    CCM Hockey

    CCM Pro Goalie Wheel Bag Senior

    1.269,00 €

  • Warrior Goalie Roller Bag


    Warrior Goalie Roller Bag

    1.569,00 €

    Available in multiple variants
  • S23 Bauer Pro Goalie Carry Bag Senior

    Bauer Hockey

    S23 Bauer Pro Goalie Carry Bag Senior

    879,00 €

    Available in multiple variants

Protecting your goalie equipment from top to bottom

We know how important your equipment is for your performance on the ice. That's why our selection consists of goalie bags that deliver unparalleled protection. From reinforced padding to durable materials - our range is built to absorb shocks and protect your equipment from wear and tear. With a goalie bag from ReXhockey, you can focus on stopping shots and dominating the goal without worrying about damage to your equipment.

Moreover, every goalie must have optimal goalie protection, a quality goalie stick as well as goalie skates and a goalie mask to perform at their best. We also deal with hockey bags for those who are not goalies.

Practicality and durability – complete storage solutions for goalies

Goalies need more than just a regular bag to transport their equipment. That's why we offer complete storage solutions that make life easier for goalies both on and off the ice. Our goalie bags are not just a place to store your equipment but a carefully designed solution that allows you to organize, protect, and transport your equipment with ease.

The bags have extra pockets and compartments, so you can keep everything in order. They are also easy to pack, which allows you to focus on your game and not waste time looking for your equipment.

ReXhockey emphasizes durability, so our storage solutions are built to withstand the rough treatment they are exposed to in the hockey world. You can rely on your bag to keep your equipment protected and in top form season after season.

Buy your new goalie bag at ReXhockey

So why wait? Take the next step in your hockey journey by investing in a goalie bag from ReXhockey today. This way, you can easily and simply transport your goalie equipment from A to B.

Order today and transport your hockey goalie equipment without any hassle.