On this page you can buy training rollers and foam rollers from HighRoller.

At Rexhockey, we are proud to present you with our training rollers, including our HighRoller foam roller. The purpose of the HighRoller is to improve your mobility, increase your metabolism, prevent injuries, recover faster and give you more flexible muscles. In this way, you give yourself the absolute best conditions on the pitch. These are opportunities you can hardly turn down! The HighRoller's smart lift makes the different positions easy to learn and maintain over a longer period of time. Many will therefore feel that they can roll their muscles more effectively in even the most problematic areas. We sell our HighRoller foam roller at a competitive price, and can also offer fast and cheap shipping. If you dream of improving your physical and sporting performance, we highly recommend that you try your hand at a HighRoller foam roller.
  • HIGHROLLER Foam roller

    High Roller

    HIGHROLLER Foam roller

    280,00 €

    400,00 €

    Available in multiple variants