Hockey Goals & accessories

Put the puck in the net and win the match! At Rexhockey you will find several hockey goals for your particular needs - we have both ice hockey goals and street hockey goals, but also foam targets, extra net, targets and backstops so that the puck doesn't fly behind the goal. Our hockey sizes come in different sizes so you can choose the right one for your game. Scroll down and experience our selection and find your right product!

  • SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System


    SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System

    2.599,00 €

  • Bauer Mini Goal Set

    Bauer Hockey

    Bauer Mini Goal Set

    399,00 €

  • HOCKEY TRAINING SURFACE - 20 Tiles pr. set

    Blue Sports

    HOCKEY TRAINING SURFACE - 20 Tiles pr. set

    849,00 €

  • Warrior Foam Targets (4-pack)


    Warrior Foam Targets (4-pack)

    229,00 €

  • Bauer Slivvver Roller Hockey Puck

    Bauer Hockey

    Bauer Slivvver Roller Hockey Puck

    65,00 €

  • Blue Sports Backstop

    Blue Sports

    Blue Sports Backstop

    469,00 €

  • SuperDeker EPuck


    SuperDeker EPuck

    199,00 €

  • BlueSports Skillmaster

    Blue Sports

    BlueSports Skillmaster

    529,00 €

  • HOCKEY GOAL 140 X 112 CM

    Blue Sports

    HOCKEY GOAL 140 X 112 CM

    549,00 €

  • Triangular Master Pass Training Aid

    Blue Sports

    Triangular Master Pass Training Aid

    699,00 €

  • CCM Street Hockey Goal 54

    CCM Hockey

    CCM Street Hockey Goal 54"

    769,00 €

  • SuperDeker Spray Zero Friction Ice Spray


    SuperDeker Spray Zero Friction Ice Spray

    99,00 €

  • Blue Sport Speed Radar

    Blue Sports

    Blue Sport Speed Radar

    999,00 €

  • HOCKEY GOAL 183 X 123 CM

    HOCKEY GOAL 183 X 123 CM

    1.299,00 €

  • Blue Sports Shooting Target

    Blue Sports

    Blue Sports Shooting Target

    459,00 €

    Available in multiple variants
  • CCM Street Hockey Goal 72''

    CCM Hockey

    CCM Street Hockey Goal 72''

    1.049,00 €

  • SuperDeker Rebounder Bands


    SuperDeker Rebounder Bands

    199,00 €

  • HIGHROLLER Foam roller

    High Roller

    HIGHROLLER Foam roller

    400,00 €

    Available in multiple variants
  • Attack Triangle

    TTP Sports

    Attack Triangle

    549,00 €

  • Bauer Sauce Kit

    Bauer Hockey

    Bauer Sauce Kit

    1.199,00 €

  • Tripod for speed radar

    Blue Sports

    Tripod for speed radar

    199,00 €




    3.199,00 €

  • Warrior Mini Pop Up Målsæt


    Warrior Mini Pop Up Målsæt

    329,00 €

  • Ice Surface Marker

    Blue Sports

    Ice Surface Marker

    129,00 €

    Available in multiple variants
  • Headzup F20


    Headzup F20

    669,00 €

    Available in multiple variants
  • Game Changer IPuck

    Game Changer

    Game Changer IPuck

    149,00 €

  • Blue Sports Stick handling Trainer

    Blue Sports

    Blue Sports Stick handling Trainer

    499,00 €


Hockey goals are indispensable to the game

Regardless of whether you are playing a game or just training at home in the garden, it is impossible without a hockey goal or two! Let the puck fly into a hockey goal from ReXhockey and let the net catch it - or practice hitting the spot using either the shooting disc or the backstop. Maybe even both.

Do you dream of improving your hockey skills? Maybe you're a professional and need to practice goal shooting, maybe it's a cool leisure activity or maybe you just want to try your hand at hockey at home to see if it's something for you? Hockey goals and the rest of the equipment can in any case be found at ReXhockey, whatever the level. Here you will find everything between ice hockey goals, street hockey goals, a mini hockey goal, nets and all the necessary accessories and training equipment that go with it.

No shots on hockey goals without an ice hockey puck. At ReXhockey you will also find a lot of different types of pucks that are suitable for both training and matches, indoors or outdoors, children, adults and experienced players. Decide the match with hockey equipment from ReXhockey, regardless of whether you play for fun or seriously.

Which hockey goal should you choose?

At ReXhockey you are guaranteed to find the hockey goal you need. Below you can read more about the various hockey goals that you will find on this page.

Hockey Goal

We carry hockey goals in several sizes, depending on your needs.

You will of course find a hockey goal according to official NHL regulations that measures 183 x 123 cm. In addition, we also carry a smaller hockey goal that is 140 cm wide and 112 cm high.

Regardless of which one of the two hockey goals you choose, we guarantee high quality, where the goals can handle different wind and weather conditions. Please note that the smaller hockey goal cannot withstand play with pucks.

Street hockey Goal

Our street hockey goal from CCM measures the same size as the official NHL regulations, namely 183 x 123 cm. It is made of an extremely durable material that withstands both wind and weather, so that the game can easily continue, even if the weather forecast suddenly reports rain.


Avoid chasing the puck even if you miss the target. It is not always easy to hit the hockey goal and it requires a lot of training hours to make the shot sit perfectly. When you add a backstop to your hockey goal, you can ensure that the puck or ball does not fly far away. Among our range you will find a separate backstop, but also a hockey goal including backstop in a package solution, so you are sure to get everything from the start.

Shooting targets and foam targets

Practice your shots and precision with either shooting targets for hockey goals or with foam targets.

Shooting targets are made of PVC reinforced polyester and fit several sizes of hockey goals, both small and official.

Foam targets consist of four plastic rings with foam inserts. Every bet is easily knocked out when you hit the spot. The four foam targets can be easily mounted on your hockey goal, so you can practice your goal shot.

Mini hockey goals

Looking for a mini hockey goal? At ReXhockey you will of course also find this.