Headzup Sport

Headzup Sport was started by the entrepreneur and former professional ice hockey player Pierre Johnsson and the engineering company Forma AB; a product development company at Hisingen in Gothenburg. A strange combination it may seem, but exactly what was needed to produce a revolutionary product for children and young people who play ice hockey.

Thanks to Pierre's knowledge and insight into the sport of ice hockey and Forma's long experience with product development, the company Headzup Sport has succeeded in developing products that meet ice hockey's high demands for strength and functionality. We believe that Headzup's products can change the game of ice hockey; on an individual level by improving the player's technique and control of the game, and also long-term on the sport itself by preventing many of the injuries that are unfortunately currently associated with ice hockey.
  • Headzup F20


    Headzup F20

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    Available in multiple variants